Onapsis provides a vast array of business-critical application security services necessary for ensuring the success of a business. Through collaboration with certified partners and consulting firms, Onapsis delivers comprehensive expertise on deployment, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, compliance gap analysis, and security audits of SAP, ABAP and JAVA applications.

With a focus on SAP and leveraging continuous monitoring, the Onapsis Platform provides organizations with an adaptive approach to assess, comply, detect and respond with the ability to focus on the factors that matter most to their business – risks to critical applications that house vital data and run mission-critical business processes.

Onapsis came to us looking for a direct mail package that would be impossible to overlook. We partnered with Magic Cube to create a unique direct mail piece that would support their Break-In advertising campaign. The concept was built around hackers breaking into your SAP system. A breach is imminent and the entire intrusion will be easier than you think. SAP systems are particularly vulnerable because their operation exists within a cyber security weak point. The cube was the perfect hands-on solution that would get noticed and help educate the prospect about SAP security.