Live Love Laugh

Branding and Event Support

Live Love Laugh is an annual auction and run/walk fundraising event that supports Mercy Beyond Borders. The event was founded in 2002 by Jo Marie Guastello, who was born and raised in the Columbus Park neighborhood of Kansas City. She was inspired by Sister Marilyn Lace, founder of Mercy Beyond Borders, who gave a heartbreaking speech about the urgent need to help impoverished women in South Sudan and Haiti. Guastello has dedicated her life to raising money to help educate, buy living supplies and provide business loans to impoverished women around the world.

I was recruited by Guastello in 2012 to help with updating existing marketing materials and program assets. After several years of production art support, we felt it was time to rebrand the event. I was tasked with creating a new logo and promotional materials for Live Love Laugh. The logo was inspired by the idea of bringing the community together. Hands from the community were brought together to form the heart logo. The colors were inspired by the national colors of South Sudan and Haiti. The logo was a hit with the community and was used on t-shirts, posters and banners and was a featured piece of art auctioned off at the event.